About us

Lin and Associates, founded in August 2015, is an independent law firm that provides Hong Kong legal services to financial institutions, corporate clients and private enterprises doing business in and through Hong Kong. We advise on banking and finance, corporate finance, commercial transactions, employment issues and Chinese outbound investments.

Our founder, Harry Lin, has over 28 years of experience in banking and finance, corporate and commercial, and Chinese outbound investment. Harry is qualified as a solicitor in Mainland China, the UK as well as Hong Kong. He is the first mainland Chinese lawyer qualified in England and Wales and has practiced for many years in top law firms in both London and Hong Kong. 

Since August 2016, Lin and Associates has formed an association with Chen & Co. Law Firm (“Chen & Co.”). Established in Shanghai in 1998, Chen & Co. is a premier mainland China commercial law firm with lawyers located in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. The firm provides a broad range of legal services including services relating to cross-border transactions, M&As, private equity funds, real estates, banking and finance, capital markets and antitrust.

Working closely with EY’s global network of firms and Chen & Co., Lin and Associates can bring together legal professionals from around the world and provide our clients with a wide range of services to ensure their international transactions are carried out seamlessly.

Client Care

We believe that in order to provide quality legal service, it is important to listen to our clients’ needs and to provide helpful solutions when they hit a road block. At Lin and Associates, we are dedicated to giving our clients the highest level of attention and care at an efficient and responsive pace. We place great importance in respecting our clients’ preference but do not shy away from informing our clients of the risks involved. We understand that clients usually work around tight deadlines and so we are dedicated to devoting ourselves to accommodate to the urgency their deals.

Commercial Solutions

We understand that our clients require practical and commercially sound solutions when faced with legal issues. We take pride in our solicitors’ experience in their relevant fields as we are able to provide our clients with industry knowledge and useful advice on specific trends, market norms, company-specific cultures, and cross-border issues. At Lin and Associates, we take care in keeping our clients informed of possible commercial risks and are dedicated to assisting our clients to ensure the success of every business decision they make.

Seamless One-stop Services

We have the capabilities to provide one-stop legal services on cross-border issues through our close working relationship with law firms around the world. Our solicitors have international law firm backgrounds and have extensive experience dealing with cross-border matters and have insight on the inner workings of cross-border transactions. Together with our dedication to client care and providing commercial solutions, we are able to advise our clients in the most effective and strategic way forward and provide our clients with an optimal plan and ensure these plans are executed seamlessly.

Top Quality of works

We benchmark the quality of our work against those of top law firms at a reasonable price. Our solicitors received their training from top international law firms and have a wide range of experience dealing with all types of clients on matters in a variety of jurisdictions around the world. We are attentive towards developments in our clients’ industries and to latest changes in the legislative and regulatory frameworks in Hong Kong and Mainland China. We take pride in providing our clients with diligently well thought-out commercial advice whilst ensuring the solutions are practical and bespoke to the clients’ business needs.    

For more information, please feel free to contact us at info@laa.hk.